Meet the Book Blogger

So this is a new thing!

Hello reader of my blog and presumably books as well, I’m Jemma and this is my official book blog, and by official I mean on the internet  and not in my head like it has been  the last few days.

Who Am I?

My names Jemma, I’m 17 and I’m a reader from Northern Ireland.

What do I  read?

I read mainly young adult books with a preference towards contemporary and urban fantasy but I’ve been trying to be more open to high fantasy and historical fiction recently which is pretty big for me because I’m highly intimidated by them!

What will you see?

Because I’m stating this blog late December you will mostly see end of the year wrap ups of what I’ve loved during this year and what I’m looking forward to next year. Aside from that I have something exciting I’m doing with a friend as well as a few ideas for tags I really want to try and books I really want to talk more about!

Am I anywhere else on the internet?

Why yes! I am Jemma Loves Books on Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads.

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