New Book Club!

Hey guys so I have a pretty exciting announcing today, me and my friend Niamh from You Need To Read These Books are starting a new book club! Niamh and I met at a book event in October and we’ve done nothing but talk about books since then so I’m super excited to be starting this book club with her!

The book club is going to be called Bookscovery and we will be picking a book a month to read and discuss together. They may be new releases, sequels, rereads or backlist titles but the thing all our picks will have in common is that they’re books were really excited to read together!

Our first discussion will be held on Niamh’s blog (which by the way you should check out) on January 31st and then after that we will alternate between our blogs month to month for our discussions.

If you want to ask us any questions for our discussion you can ask them using the hashtag #bookscoveryjan on Twitter, Niamh and I are both on Twitter with our handles being @readthesebooks1 (Niamh) and @jemmalovesbooks (me).

Now onto our first book pick! This month we have decided to read Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco, which is about a girl called Audrey Rose, a girl whose secret studies of forensic medicine lead to her being drawn into a gruesome murder investigation.

I used to read murder mysteries all the time so I’m super excited to dip my toes back into one of my old favourite genres, and even more excited that I get to it in a new book club with my friend!

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